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21 April 2014 @ 04:24
It appears that I haven't posted since 2012? That doesn't seem right. I am now unemployed for the 3rd time in six years. Its becoming kinda old. This time seems harder and I am more depressed about it. Seems like I have plenty of bills & not enough money, but what else is new. So that's about it.

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20 April 2014 @ 22:49
POST !!!
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   So, here it is the end of another year. Is it me or do they seem to be going by really fast? Just received notice of someone posting who hadn't since the end of 2011. Someone who I had wondered about. 
   So, as we are about to start a new year and one that ends with what is a supersticious number for me, I thought since I was on here, I would update a little. I realize that I don't spend anytime on my journals anymore. Sometimes I try to log in somewhere and the whole site will have just disappeared. 
   I turned 53 this year. Back in the day when I was small I thought my Grandfather was ancient and here now I am his age. Too Weird!
   I have been unemployed for almost 6 months. I had a Temp job for a month here in December and that has been all. Can't even seem to get any callbacks and when I do it doesn't pan out.  So money's tight but I am managing so far.  It will soon be time to get worried!  :)  Still, I and my dog Squeegy are managing and we have family and friends on the internet that put up with a lot of not hearing from me. Sorry about that. 
 I think that when you are younger you have more to say because you are more intrespective and when you get older you stop trying to figure so much out. Also, given my status, I don't really have a lot to tell personally and the fact is the web has become a slightly intolerant place to share your political and religious views and as I am a very Far Left Liberal and atheist that stuff just doesn't interest me in getting into any ... ?Flame Wars? or is that too out of date?  :)
      To anyone who reads this, I just want to say that I think about all of you often and I'm sorry that I don't show up more and participate. 
     Love and Merry Christmas to all and may everyone have a Splendid and Fantastic New Year!!!
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I wanted to post these. I found them when I checked my Blogger accts. I had forgotten about them. Seems forever ago. When I went to write this post originally something weird happened & things were acting wonky so I had to edit it and the edit page is weird. Marilyn & Terri
Holly, Amy, Jolene's Kids Sara & James
Chimney Rock from the Visitors Center
Looking Northwest towards Chimney Rock
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07 October 2011 @ 18:52
Seems like all those people who used to post have all gone away. Maybe they got the FB bug or the Twitter bug. So many haven't posted in ages. But then who am I to talk when I haven't posted since April? Still, I had all these LJ friends and now almost nobody is posting anymore. But then if I never come here myself how is it that I would notice?
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07 October 2011 @ 17:21
So, not sure when I last posted. I tried Semagic but my user names confuse it. :)
 What's happening. Well, lets see. 
 I am working. I am on the internet. I spent a lot of time in September watching old archives of 9/11. I found this youtube video of a woman in the crater of the hole the 1st plane made in the 1st tower. It fascinated me & disturbed me to see her standing in the rubble waving. It brought perspective to the size of what happened. You can really see how huge that gaping hole really was. In watching the videos of the news coverage you can't really get a perspective on it and I never saw the Towers in person. I almost wonder if I didn't get a little obsessed.
  Me and my dog Squeegy are getting along fine. She is spoiled. I love her to pieces!
  Spend time with family. Live alone now. This last year and a half have been the 1st time I've done that in over 20 years and I find I really enjoy it. 
  So nothing changes and everything changes.

Love to all who chance upon here!

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29 April 2011 @ 15:49
19 March 2011 @ 12:16

12:07 pm - Choices
Back in the day, when I first started using a computer, ok ancient history! ha. Anyway, I used placeholders for images because I had dialup. And anybody w/dialup knows that large images & lots of flash or java cause a dialup to speed to a grinding downloading halt. So when I look at my friends pg I'm like, 'Why can't I see the pictures and what are those weird little boxes for in ppls entries and u know what a pain it is to find your way around DeadJournal if you don't know or don't remember the DeadJournalSpeak. But I have DSL now so I finally found where I wanted or needed to go & get that fixed. So now I can see all the nice pictures & stuff ppl post. Yay! And, Always remember to save if you want to go to 'rich text' as your damn entry will disappear! gotta love the back button! :) and why doesn't DeadJournal have the smileys or mood guys, Eh? 
  Found it!
 Gotta remember how this all works! I've forgotten all I knew!

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11:21 am - Do Nothing for 2 Minutes


11:11 am - Nothing Much
Spring comes tomorrow. Tonight is the Super Moon. Still getting
use to not having anybody but myself to look after, although there
are still the sisters and nieces and nephews and such. I got
my income tax money & other and it is now all gone. Spent it all
too too fast. Such is me & money & life. So much in my head, so
little patience to get it out.
Don't know. Don't get it.
Still, I am in a realatively good place right now. Boy the cynic just can't quite let go.
Well, I'm off now. I must try to check in more. I have lost touch with so many ppl that I knew on the web. Is that how it goes. Just lose touch & move on. Maybe. Maybe I am just that sort of transient sort of person.
Love to All!

Oh & yes. I fear it may be true. I may be a GLEEK! Oh My!


September 12th, 2010

10:46 pm - still here
So, DeadJournal is still here and so am I. I haven't been blogging in over a year. I lost the interest to do it I guess. LostJournal seems to be gone & so too LiveLogCity. I just don't get it about LostJournal tho. What did I miss?  I guess I should really check more often, eh? Just checking in so that I know this is still here.


October 10th, 2009

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26 February 2011 @ 22:24
So I came here just to check. Most of the time anymore I'm on Twitter or playing games on my desktop.
 Its been 1 year 3 days since I last posted here. Mama had just died.  This year has been a starting of crap. My dog, who was 14 years old had to be put to sleep Feb 2, 2011. His name was Snickers.
 Its strange how I still check to make sure I won't step on him as I get out of bed. Or how I still miss him the most at 10 at night cuz that was our last walk before bed. Or how I look for him to be begging when I fix something to eat.  I think about Mama practically everyday. Just random stuff. 
 Anyway, here I am. Its funny how the whole blogging thing just ... went away for me.
Well, that's about it. I wish everybody is well and Spring can't come soon enough. 2011 ... another year!
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23 February 2010 @ 20:43

Mama passed away just 8 days after this was taken.
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